Aitken, Tim 1921 Cavaghan, George 1938 Cavaghan, George at home Rosedale, Winnipeg Columbia Farm 1
Columbia farm 3 Columbia farm 4 Columbia farm 5 Columbia farm 6  1914
Columbia Farm 1895 Columbia Farm business card Columbia farm letterhead Columbia farm logo
Columbia farm sketch 1880 Dempster Mill 1, Halifax, NB Dempster, Belle and Isabella Dempster, James 1870
Dempster, James c1885 Dempster, James house in Halifax Group at 171 Maplewood, R.E. Stewart house, Winnipeg : Family Photos Hendren, Charles 1905
Hendren, Vida 1916 Hendren, Vida and Peggy 1919 Kin, May King family
King, Alice and Alfred Kinread (kinneard), Isabella Kinread Ann Peters 2 Kinread sisters and mother
Kinread, Anne Peters 1860 Kinread, Edith Isabelle Kinread, Ella 1  1915 Kinread, Ella 2
Kinread, Isabella Kinread, Mary Ann (1st wife of Alfred Peters) Kinread, Mary Ann 2 Peggie Peters-c.1921
Peters Chainsaw Franklin saw patent Peters Chainsaw Patent Stamp imprint Peters Chainsaw Patent Stamp Peters Chainsaw US Patent Application
Peters Chainsaw Peters house, 936 Jessie Ave-Winnipeg Peters, Aberdeen HS 1902 Peters, Alfred cottage
Peters, Alfred E.  Lock combination lock Co, Moncton NB Peters, Alfred E.  Lock Combo Lock 1 Peters, Alfred E.  Lock Combo Lock 2 Peters, Alfred E.  Lock Patent
Peters, Alfred E.  Lock share  Moncton Museum Peters, Alfred E. 1882 Peters, Alfred E. family Peters, Alfred E. house   plaque on front steps
Peters, Alfred E. house  (Paul Stewart in front 2016) Peters, Alfred E. house 35 Highfield St Moncton, NB 2016 1 Peters, Alfred E. house 35 Highfield St Moncton, NB 2016 2 Peters, Alfred E. Lock, Moncton Museum 2016  Peters Lock display in the Moncton Museum  2016   1.JPG
Peters, Alfred E. Peters House- Canada's Historic Places House- Canada's Historic Places Peters, Alice and Belle Peters, Annie 1 Peters, Annie 2
Peters, Annie 3 Peters, Annie and Harry Keswick 1 Peters, Annie and Harry Keswick 2 Peters, Belle 1900
Peters, Belle and Babs Peters, Belle and Doreen Seller 1924 Peters, Belle and Doreen Peters, Belle and Frank 1884
Peters, Belle obit : Family Photos Peters, Bertha (wife of Josh Jr) Peters, Bertram 1890 Peters, Betty and Pat (daughters Josh Jr -Martha)
Peters, Betty and Pat 1935 Peters, Charlie 1896 Peters, Charlie 1903 Peters, Charlie and Josh  1896
Peters, cousins 1895 Peters, Dorothy and Myrtle  c1900 Peters, Dorothy Isabel 2 Peters, Dot  1937
Peters, Eph 1 Peters, Eph 2 Peters, family at Aitkens Peters, Frank  8Jan1932
Peters, Frank and Belle 1914 Peters, Frank, Myrtle, Tim, Dot Peters, Franklin 1895 Peters, Franklin 1932
Peters, Franklin and family  1914 Peters, Franklin at cottage  1 1898 Peters, Franklin at cottage  2 1898 Peters, Franklin at cottage  3 1898
Peters, Franklin family Peters, Franklin Ford 1869 Peters, Franklin Ford 1895 Peters, Franklin Ford and Be3lle 1884
Peters, Franklin home  176 Queen St, Moncton Peters, Franklin home 176 Queen, Moncton Peters, Franklin home backyard 1887 Peters, Franklin house 176 Queen, Moncton
Peters, Gordon - Dental College 1910 Peters, Gordon 1885 Peters, Gordon 1886 Peters, Gordon 1887
Peters, Gordon 1888 Peters, Gordon 1893 Peters, Gordon 1896 Peters, Gordon 1903
Peters, Gordon 1909 : Family Photos Peters, Gordon 1950 Peters, Gordon and Bertram 1  1892 Peters, Gordon and Bertram 2  1892
Peters, Gordon and Bertram 3 Peters, Gordon and Helen Peters, Gordon and Vida  1 1938 Peters, Gordon and Vida 1938
Peters, Gordon, Peggie, George 1939 Peters, Harry B Peters, home 936 Jessie, Winnipeg, MB Peters, Jean and ---
Peters, Josh and Martha family 1893 Peters, Joshua 1893 Peters, Joshua House (back) Peters, Joshua House (front)
Peters, Joshua Jr Peters, Joshua Jr 1903 Peters, Joshua Jr 1908 Peters, Joshua Jr 1916
Peters, Joshua Jr-WW1-1916 Peters, Mabel 1 Peters, Mabel 2 Peters, Mabel 3
Peters, Mabel 4 Peters, Mabel 5 Peters, Mabel 6 Peters, Mabel 7
Peters, Mabel and family Peters, Martha (Joshua's wife) Peters, Martha and Charlie 1891 Peters, Mary 1 1895
Peters, Mary 2 Peters, Mary 3 Peters, Mary and Roy 1890 Peters, Mary and Roy
Peters, Mildred (Charlie's wife) Peters, Mildred and daughter Peters, Myrtle  1921 Peters, Myrtle 1904
Peters, Myrtle 1910 Peters, Myrtle 1912 Peters, Myrtle Aitken-c1921 Peters, on rock
Peters, Oswald and Annie Peters, Oswald Peters, Pearl 1 Peters, Pearl 2
Peters, Peggie -Birth Cert-1919 : Family Photos Peters, Peggie 1922 Peters, Peggie 1930 Peters, Peggie 1933
Peters, Peggie 1935 Peters, Peggie 1939 Peters, Seymour Peters, Stephen  1888
Peters, Stephen  and Sons Peters, Stephen and Seymour 1894 Peters, Stephen Peters, unknown 1
Peters, unknown 2 Peters, unknown 3 Peters, unknown 4 Peters, unknown 5
Peters, unknown 6 Peters, unkown 7 Peters, unkown 8 Peters, unkown 9
Peters, Vida 1933 Peters, Vida Hendren-1916 : Family Photos Peters, Wm Alfred Peters Cain 1922 Reade, Frank and Mother
Reade, Frank Jr Reade, Russell 1 Reade, Russell 2 Record Foundry - Machine co  envelope  1900
Record Foundry and Machine Co.  1893 Record Foundry parade Record Foundry pictures Record Foundry staff
Record Foundry Star barrel Step Top Cookstove  1902 Record Foundry Star barrel Step Top Cookstove  closeup Times Transcript Jan 2 2001 Various Peters' articles
VidaBudIreneRossJohn 1963 : Family Photos King, May Peters, Alice MYRTLE Peters, Edna E (nee Brown) 1941
Dempster Mill Halifax - street map Plate K Dempster Mill Halifax - street Map  Close Up Dempster Mill Halifax - street Map Dempster Mill 2, Victoria Lane Halifax
Halifax Explosion 1917  Blast Area Map Dempster, James Mason King House-Halifax 1895 Peters, Waverly house
Peters, Edgar Bertram circa 1894