Surnames beginning with C

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CAIN, Everett Thomas; {M}; 1883-1932; Sanford, Ontario, Canada

CAIN, Mary Alfred (PETERS, Mary Alfred); {F}; 1884-1952; Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

CAIN, William Alfred Peters; {M}; 1922-1957; York Cemetery, Toronto, Ontario, Canada

CALDWELL, Janet; {F}; 1831-1857; Howick, Country of Chateauguay, Quebec

CALVERT, Pearle; {F}; 1929-1995; Valleyfield, Quebec, Canada

CAMERON, Elizabeth Aleen Mae; {F}; 1911-; Sunny Brae, New Brunswick, Canada

CAMERON, Margaret Edith; {F}; 1884-; Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada

CAMPBELL, Alexander (Sandy); {M}; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

CAMPBELL, Andrew Douglas; {M}; Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada

CAMPBELL, Christina Hill; {F}; 1886-1955; Dakota Territory, United States

CAMPBELL, David Stewart; {M}; Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada

CAMPBELL, Ellen; {F}; 1852-1892; Ontario, Canada

CAMPBELL, Janet Eleanor (EASTWOOD, Janet Eleanor); {F}; Shawinigan Falls, Quebec, Canada

CAMPBELL, John Alexander; {M}; Winnipeg,Manitoba,Canada

CAMPBELL, Shelia Ann; {F}; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CANNON, Jane; {F}; -1935; Kendal, England

CARMAN, Ellen E (Nanny) Family1 Family2 (GRUNDY, Ellen Elizabeth (Nanny)); {F}; 1872-1962; Guelph, Wellington, Ontario, Canada

CARMAN, Frances Isabel Family1; {F}; 1905-1971; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CARMAN, George Henry (Harry); {M}; 1876-1942; Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada

CARMAN, Marion Rosalie (Madge); {F}; 1901-1992; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CARRINGTON, Alexander B; {M}; 1885-1957; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, Alexia W. D. (MOODY, Alexia W. D.); {F}; 1884-1945

CARRINGTON, Anne; {F}; 1876-1940; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, Della (PINKHAM, Della); {F}; 1889-

CARRINGTON, Jane; {F}; 1878-1896; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, Jane Jean (STEWART, Jane Jean); {F}; 1850-1946; English River, Chateauguay,Quebec,Canada

CARRINGTON, Janet; {F}; 1878-1878; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, Jessie; {M}; 1886-; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, John B; {M}; 1881-1920; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, Marion; {F}; 1883-1900; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, William; {M}; 1850-; Howick,Co of Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada

CARRINGTON, William Stewart; {M}; 1880-; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARRUTHERS, James Andrew; {M}; 1879-1956; Georgetown, Beauharnois, Quebec, Canada

CARRUTHERS, Jane; {F}; 1830-1887; Coates Mills United Church Cemetery,Coates Mills,Kent Cnty,N

CARRUTHERS, Margaret Selina (STEWART, Margaret Selina); {F}; 1891-1965; Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Alexander Peter Steven; {M}; 1887-1887; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Andrew; {M}; 1852-1857; Cote des Neiges, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Catherine (Kate); {F}; 1850-1915; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Cyril; {M}; 1892-1892; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Emma; {F}; 1847-1898; Côte-des-Neiges, Montréal, Québec, Canada

CARSON, Frederick Stewart; {M}; 1885-1927; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, George Hamilton; {M}; 1888-1889; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, James; {M}; 1843-1893; Cote des Neiges, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, John; {M}; 1786-1878; Northern, Ireland

CARSON, John Henry; {M}; 1883-1885; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, John S; {M}; 1835-1892; Cote des Neiges, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Margaret (MCRAE, Margaret); {F}; 1837-1890; New York, United States

CARSON, Margaret; {F}; 1844-1908; COTE DES NEIGES, QUEBEC (now part of Montreal)

CARSON, Mary (WRIGHT, Mary); {F}; 1814-1859; Northern Ireland

CARSON, Mary; {F}; 1841-1858; Cote des Neiges,Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Mary; {F}; 1858-1933; English River, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Mary Ann (HAM, Mary Ann); {F}; 1856-1901; England

CARSON, Mary Louisa (Lou); {F}; 1879-1901; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Rebecca (LIDDELL, Rebecca); {F}; 1854-1899; Ontario, Canada

CARSON, Rebecca May; {F}; 1877-1975; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Robert Edmond; {M}; 1889-1889; Cote des Neiges, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Stanley Arthur (Stan); {M}; 1890-1953; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, Thomas; {M}; 1850-; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, William James; {M}; 1836-1891; Cote des Neiges, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, William James; {M}; 1881-1928; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARSON, William Thomas; {M}; 1875-1876; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CARTER, Fred; {F}; 1831-1873; Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England

CARTER, Harry; {M}; 1812-; Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England

CARTER, Mary (SELLER, Mary); {F}; 1793-1836; Sturminster Marshall, Dorset, England

CASCADEN, Andrew; {M}; 1876-1940; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CASCADEN, Elizabeth May (MCCANSE, Elizabeth May); {F}; 1884-1940; Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada

CAVAGHAN, ( BALKWILL, Jessie Hessie); {M}; 1901-1958; R.M. of Wallace, Manitoba, Canada


CAVAGHAN, George Gibson Lieut Col.; {M}; 1916-; England

CAVAGHAN, George Lieut.; {M}; 1889-1941; Carlisle,Cumbria, England

CAVAGHAN, George Peter (BUD); {M}; Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

CAVAGHAN, Marjorie; {F}; 1915-; England

CAVAGHAN, Martha Hill (FORSYTH, Martha Hill); {F}; 1885-1969; Carlisle,Cumbria, England

CAVAGHAN, Olive; {F}; 1913-; Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

CAVAGHAN, Peggie May (PETERS, Peggie May); {F}; 1919-1973; 70 Langside st, Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

CAVAGHAN, Tim Gordon; {M}; Kingston, Ontario, Canada

CELLER, Leonard (SELLER, Leonard); {M}; 1710-1771; Wimborne, Dorset, England

CELLER, Mary (COLLINS, Mary); {F}; 1713-1768; unkown

CHAISSON, Craig; {M}

CHAISSON, Stephanie Carin (EASTWOOD, Stephanie Carin); {F}

CHAMBERLAIN, (CHAMBERLIN, Jennie Robertha); {F}; 1880-1942; Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

CHAMBERLIN, Jennie Robertha; {F}; 1880-1942; Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

CHAMBLORIN, Jenny (CHAMBERLIN, Jennie Robertha); {F}; 1880-1942; Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

CHAN, Dyann Heng-tseng; {F}

CHAPMAN, Fredrick John (Jack); {M}; 1881-1945

CHAPMAN, Gertrude Jane Family1 Family2 (CULLUM, Gertrude Jane); {F}; 1885-1973; Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

CHARTERS, Annie Bell; {F}; 1864-1911; New Brunswick, Canada

CHATWIN, ALICE BEATRICE (DICKINSON, Alice Beatrice); {F}; 1906-1966; England

CHATWIN, Arthur Edgar; {M}; 1889-1967; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CHATWIN, Elsie; {F}; 1890-; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CHATWIN, Eva Maud; {F}; 1879-1954; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

CHATWIN, James Newton; {M}; 1852-1949; Greater London, England

CHATWIN, Kathleen (Katie) Pearl; {F}; 1886-1922; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CHATWIN, Mary Alberta; {F}; 1884-; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CHATWIN, Mary (2nd) (CARSON, Mary); {F}; 1858-1933; English River, Quebec, Canada

CHATWIN, Stanley Carson; {M}; 1893-1953; Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada

CHATWIN, William James; {M}; 1881-1952; Portage la Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

CHENIER, Daniel Gervais; {M}; Timmins, Ontario, Canada

CHENIER, Tiffany Anne; {F}; St. Catherines, Ontario, Canada

CHESTER, Ann; {F}; 1749-1821; Hutton Buscel, Yorkshire, England



CHIORANDO, Janet Leah (ROSMUS, Janet Leah); {F}; Tofino, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, Canada



CHISHOLM, Alvin Donald; {M}; 1932-2012; Howick, Quebec, Canada

CHRISTIE, Alice Mary (STACEY, Alice Mary); {F}; St. Clotide, Quebec, Canada

CHRISTIE, Carolyn Anne Christie; {F}; La Salle, Quebec, Canada

CHRISTIE, Christine Marie (PASCUAL, Christine Marie); {F}; New York, New York, USA

CHRISTIE, Donald William; {M}; Verdun, Quebec, Canada

CHRISTIE, Jeffery Donald; {M}; La Salle, Quebec, Canada

CHRISTIE, Scott William; {M}; La Salle, Quebec, Canada

CLELAND, Bessie Ellen; {F}; 1893-1967; Hemmingford, Quebec, Canada

CLEMENT, Kathleen Elliott; {F}; 1902-; Saskatchewan, Canada

CLEUGH, Diane; {F}

CLIFFORD, Hannah; {F}; 1776-

COLEMAN, AUDREY Bernice (WHALLEY, Bernice AUDREY); {F}; 1912-1999; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

COLEMAN, David John; {M}; 1945-1998; York Cemetery Toronto, Ontario, Canada

COLEMAN, Harry Gardiner; {M}; 1881-1950

COLEMAN, Martha (Mary) Louise Ann (BLACK, Martha (Mary) Louise Ann); {F}; 1884-1945

COLEMAN, Mary Louise (Lou); {F}; 1939-2016; Toronto, Ontario, Canada

COLEMAN, Paul; {M}

COLEMAN, William John Tamblyn; {M}; 1911-1970; Portage La Prairie, Manitoba, Canada

COLLINS, Mary; {F}; 1713-1768; unkown

COLLYER, Marilyn Ann; {F}; 1938-; Montreal, Quebec, Canada

COLPITTS, Annie Atkinson (PETERS, Annie Atkinson); {F}; 1853-1940; Richibucto, Kent County,New Brunswick, Canada

COLPITTS, Celia Ann; {F}; 1849-1939; New Brunswick, Canada

COLPITTS, Richard Byron; {M}; 1852-1917; New Brunswick, Canada

COLWELL, Adam; {M}

COLWELL, Keith; {M}

COLWELL, Naomi; {F}

CONDON, Audrey E (MEDWAY, Audrey E); {F}; Poole, Dorset, England

CONDON, Bertie T; {M}

CONDON, Brian; {M}

CONDON, Ian; {M}

CONDON, Joanna; {F}

CONDON, Lynne (, Lynne); {F}

CONDON, Sally (, Sally); {F}

CONDON, Simon; {M}

CONNELL, Helen; {F}; 1765-1857; Methven, Perthshire, Scotland

CONNERS, Margaret; {F}; 1852-1924; Quebec, Canada

COOK, Elizabeth (Eliza) A.; {F}; 1844-1896; Sackville, Westmorland County, New Brunswick, Canada

COOPER, Mary; {F}; 1755-; Yorkshire, England

COPELAND, Edith Elsie; {F}; 1892-1971; Bournemouth, County of Southampton, England

COWAN, Edna Norma; {F}; 1902-1985; Victoria, British Columbia, Canada

COY, Bradley William; {M}; Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

COY, LISA ADRIANNE (EIDE, Lisa Adrianne); {F}; 1956-2012; Barrhead, Alberta, Canada

COY, Stacey Lynn; {F}; Invermere, British Columbia, Canada

COY, Tianna Joanne Marie; {F}

COY, William (Bill); {M}; Invemere, British Columbia, Canada

CRAIG, Janet; {F}; 1805-1846; Kilbirnie, Ayrshire, Scotland

CRAIG, John RAYMOND; {M}; Ormstown,Quebec, Canada

CRAIG, Kelsey Ann; {F}; Riverfield, Quebec, Canada

CRAIG, Stacey Leigh; {F}; Riverfield, Quebec, Canada

CRAIGIE, John Sr.; {M}; 1782-1859; Perth and Kinross, Scotland

CRAISE, Annie E (HUTCHINSON, Annie Edith); {F}; 1877-1937; Victoria Lawn Cemetery,Saint-Catharines,Niagara,Ontario,

CRAISE, Henry Stewart; {M}; 1877-1932; Niagara, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

CRAISE, James Lawrie (CRAISE, Jamison Laurie (James)); {M}; 1852-1932; Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

CRAISE, James Rutherford Lawrie (John); {M}; 1878-1959; Niagara Township, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

CRAISE, Jamison Laurie (James); {M}; 1852-1932; Port Dalhousie, St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

CRAISE, Janet Rutherford (STEWART, Janet Rutherford); {F}; 1853-1932; South Georgetown,Quebec, Canada

CRAISE, Jennie Robertha (CHAMBERLIN, Jennie Robertha); {F}; 1880-1942; Niagara on the Lake, Ontario, Canada

CRAISE, Margaret Patricia; {F}; 1912-1966; Victoria Lawn Cemetery,Saint-Catharines,Niagara,Ontario,

CRAISE, May Rutherford; {F}; 1905-1985; Niagara Township, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

CRAISE, Oscar Henry; {M}; 1907-1928; Niagara, Lincoln, Ontario, Canada

CRANDALL, Vivian Pauline; {F}

CRIBB, Vida Rosaline; {F}

CROSS, Kyle; {M}

CROSSLEY, Agnes Beatrice; {F}; 1869-1941; London, England

CROWL, Caitlin Carman; {F}; Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

CROWL, Leslie Anne (ORMISTON, Leslie Anne); {F}; Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

CROWL, Mark; {M}

CROWL, MATTHEW CARVER; {M}; Winnipeg, Manitoba,Canada

CROZIER, Catherine (Kate); {F}; 1870-; Ontario, Canada

CULLUM, Gertrude Jane Family1 Family2; {F}; 1885-1973; Brandon, Manitoba, Canada

CUNDY, Annie Maude Family1 (WAGHORN, Annie Maude); {F}; 1900-1959; Rapid City, Manitoba, Canada

CUNDY, Arnold Egbert; {M}; 1898-1988; R.M. of Elton Manitoba Canada

CUNDY, Ernest; {M}; 1891-1962; R.M. of Elton Manitoba Canada

CUNDY, Ethel Gladys; {F}; 1904-2000; R.M. of Elton Manitoba Canada

CUNDY, Evangeline (Eva) (PHILLIPS, Evangeline (Eva)); {F}; 1866-1942; St Stephen, Cornwall, England

CUNDY, Evelyn Phyllis; {F}; 1888-1936; R.M. of Elton Manitoba Canada

CUNDY, Herbert Garnett (Garnie); {M}; 1895-1977; Rapid City, Manitoba Canada

CUNDY, Mildred Olive (Olive); {F}; 1910-1938; R.M. of Elton Manitoba Canada

CUNDY, William John; {M}; 1866-1938; St Austell, Cornwall, England, United Kingdom

CUNDY, William John; {M}; 1886-1968; England, United Kingdom

CUNNINGHAM, Jessie Bryson; {F}; 1859-1944; Howick, County of Chateauguay, Quebec

CURRIE, Andrew; {M}; 1798-1861; Ireland or Canada

CURRIE, Anne Jane (PATTERSON, Anne Jane); {F}; 1799-1891; Saint-Chrysostome, Châteauguay, Québec, Canada

CURRIE, Isabella; {F}; 1838-1916; Edwardstown, Chateauguay, County, PQ

CURRIE, James; {M}; 1826-1878; Canada

CURRIE, Jane; {F}; -1843; Québec, Canada

CURRIE, Marion (STEWART, Marion); {F}; 1881-1961; Fertile Creak, Howick, Quebec, Canada

CURRIE, Mary Ann; {F}; 1831-1924; Châteauguay, Québec, Canada

CURRIE, Robert; {M}; 1829-1870; Québec, Canada

CURRIE, William; {M}; 1835-1908; Québec, Canada

CURRIE, William Craig; {M}; 1880-1955; Riverfield Cemetery, Howick, Quebec

CURRY, (CURRIE, Andrew); {M}; 1798-1861; Ireland or Canada

CURRY, (CURRIE, Robert); {M}; 1829-1870; Québec, Canada

CURRY, Elva D. Clark; {F}; 1912-1992; Victoria Cemetery, Tweed, Hastings County, Ontario, Canada

CURRY, Isabella (CURRIE, Isabella); {F}; 1838-1916; Edwardstown, Chateauguay, County, PQ