John A. STEWART {M} = Margaret Dicky MCKELL {F}

Married 12 Dec 1876, Howick, County of Chateauguay, Quebec1

John A.

Born 30 December 1842, Howick, County of Chateauguay, Quebec, Canada
Died 22 June 1878, Montreal, Quebec, Canada2
Buried 25 June 1878, Riverfield Cemetery, Howick, Quebec, Canada3
Buried: Riverfield Cemetery, Howick, Quebec, Canada Plot E 6 25

Margaret Dicky

Alias Margaret D. STEWART
Alias Margaret Dicky MORRISON (1879)
Born 12 Dec 1847, Howick, County of Chateauguay, Quebec
Died 18 Apr 1913, Rochester, Olmsted County, Minnesota, USA4
Buried Regina Cemetery, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada5
FIRST HUSBAND: John A. Stewart
Born: 20 Dec 1841 Howick, Quebec
Died: 22 Jun 1878, Montreal
Marriage: 12 Dec 1876, Georgetown, Quebec

Marriage: 1879, Montreal, Quebec


John Andrew (JACK) {M} = Mary Elisabeth MORRISON {F} > Family

Married ABT 1901, Saskatchewan

John Andrew (JACK)

Born 11 Oct 1878, Quebec, Canada6
Christened 20 Feb 1879
Died 17 Mar 1924, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada7
Buried Rosthern Community Cemetery, Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada8
Occupation: Druggist
Will probate for a John A. Stewart may or may not be correct John A.

Lists Margaret Mary Stewart daughter b: 24 dec 1904
Kathleen Dorothy Stewart daughter b: 22 dec 1906
Reginald Duncan Stewart son b:71 aug 1910
Mary Elisabeth Stewart wife
Reginald J. Morrison
Died after an operation in Winnipeg
Buried: Rosthern Community Cemetery, Rosthern, Saskatchewan, Canada Lot 70 Old Town Triangle

Mary Elisabeth

Alias Mary Elisabeth STEWART
Alias Mary Elisabeth BROADFOOT (AFT 1924)
Born Nov 1880, Ontario
Died ABT 1973, Regina, Saskatchewan, Canada
could have brother Reginald .J. Morrison
last name maybe Arthur not Morrison


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