Christopher "Konstanty" PERIH {M} = Mary SYDOR {F}

Married 4 Jun 1917, R.M. of Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, Canada1

Christopher "Konstanty"

Born 2 Jun 1893, Ukraine
Died 23 Feb 1974
Son of Panko Perih


Alias Mary PERIH
Born 28 Sep 1899, Zoria, Manitoba, Canada2
Died 23 Aug 1977
Daughter of Wasyl Sydor and Eva Maria Holochuk (maybe Holowka)
Sister of Kassie (Sydor) Homeniuk, Ann (Sydor) Tobak, Pearl (Sydor) Kindret, Ivan Sydor and Metro Sydor
MB Vital stats show maiden name Mary Cedor


Peter {M}

Born 15 April 1919, Gilbetr Plains, Manitoba, Canada3
Died 23 February 1974

John C. {M}

Born 10 Aug 1919
Died BEF 23 Aug 1978

Annie (Ann) {F} = Dmytro (Matt) "Metro" SYRNYK {M} > Family

Married 1944, Sifton, Manitoba, Canada

Annie (Ann)

Alias Annie (Ann) SYRNYK
Alias Annie (Ann) TODORUK (1974)
Born 14 Apr 1922, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba,Canada
Died 26 Apr 2011, Dauphin Regional Health Centre, Dauphin, Manitoba,Canada4
Buried 30 Apr 2011, Dauphin Riverside Cemetery, Dauphin, Manitoba,Canada

Dmytro (Matt) "Metro"

Born 7 Nov 1905, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba, Canada5
Died 21 Sep 1972, Dauphin, Manitoba,Canada6
Buried 25 Sep 1972, Riverside Cemetery, Dauphin, Manitoba, Canada
Son of Roman Syrnyk and Kateryna (Gidelevich) Syrnyk
Brother of Justina Tatiana (Syrnyk) Drebnicky, Mary (Syrnyk) Kaschuk, Steve Syrnyk, Anne Syrnyk, Josephine (Syrnyk) Chetrybok, Tony Syrnyk, Anne (Syrnyk) Mymko, Anastasia (Syrnyk) Philipchuk, Michael Syrnyk and Teena (Syrnyk) Draho

    = Michael (Mike) TODORUK {M} > Family

Married 1974

Michael (Mike)

Born 22 Sep 1904, Dauphin area, Manitoba,Canada7
Died 24 Feb 2008, Dauphin, Manitoba,Canada8
Mike Todoruk
The parents of Mike Todoruk, Dora and Wasyl Todoruk, came to Canada from the Ukraine in 1896 or 1897. They started their homestead in the Mink Creek-Ashville district. Their block of land is shown in the settlement map. During the first winter, they lived in a sod burrow constructed mostly underground. Mike Todoruk was born in 1904. He quit school after grade 8, when he was 16 to begin to farm. He went to school longer than any one else in his family.
At the age of 17, he bought his first car, a Model-T Ford for 20 cords of wood and $3000. In 1924, at the age of 19, he bought an International Harvester threshing outfit with his brother, Steve. In 1928 he left farming and went to Chicago to look for employment. He came back in June of 1930, and married Josephine Drebniski later that month. He got a job as a mail carrier that same year, and continued this job until 1948. This job payed $42 per month. They had their first child, Nellie, in 1931. In 1935 he bought an International Harvester dealership and machine shop in Ashville, Manitoba. In 1938 he and Josephine had their second child, Ernie. In 1939 he opened a general store and Texaco gas and oil business in Ashville. Sometimes he had to deliver as many as 25 barrels of gas to farmers each day. In 1947 he bought the Massey-Harris dealership in Strathclair which he sold in 1949. In 1949, he sold his gas and oil business in Ashville for $13, 000, and bought a Cockshutt dealership in Dauphin for $20, 000. In his first year of business he sold over 20 new combines and received 10 sales awards including trips to Bermuda, Freeport, Jamaica, Los Angeles, Sandiego, Miami, and a cruise from Miami. In his early years, he had some difficulties because the local Co-op dealer sold the same equipment for the same price under the Co-op name. He forced them to close within two years by accepting trades for machinery, and giving better deals on used machinery. In 1971 he sold his dealership and went back to farming. In 1973 his wife Josephine died, and in 1974 he married Anne Syrnyk (Perih). They now live in Dauphin.
The Stewart Family, A Brief Family History
By Graham Stewart, October 19, 1998 Term 1 Canadian History Project

Julia {F}

Born 3 Mar 1924
Died ABT 1984
possibly married Tony Gidelevich 25 Nov 1933 in Dauphin, Manitoba - Manitoba Vtail stats Marriage Reg # 1933-042375

Joseph {M}

Born 6 Dec 1925
Died 27 Mar 1983

Frank {M}

Born ABT 1 Jan 1927
Died 27 Sep 1960


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